Devil’s in the details

30 03 2021

Do you see it?

You might have to click on the pic to enlarge it.

Would it help to know that *I* didn’t see it until I saw it on the computer screen? What I saw was Hayden shaking his head and then wandering off to graze.

It was T-shirt weather, a day after I didn’t think I could wear enough layers to keep out the biting north wind.

Spring is coming … and with it, the flying buzzers.



4 responses

30 03 2021

Amazing photo TJ

30 03 2021
Sue E. Story

Yikes, TJ! That particular “buzzer” looks to be a bit large…and intimidating…like something with a stinger on board! I’m loving Hayden’ s handsome face.

30 03 2021

Isn’t that crazy? It looks like he’s looking at it, but he was watching another band down the hill. I don’t think it bit or stung him, but he did shake his head, so it must have buzzed fairly close. I don’t know what it is!

2 04 2021

Maybe a bee looking for a flower!

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