7 02 2021

Tesora helps show off the lack of snow currently on the land, and how pretty she looks as our model. πŸ™‚

Speaking of which, I finally made it into Spring Creek Basin, and it’s not as dry as I thought it might be. The road is parts dry and parts mud, and an actual vehicle, I would not risk driving yet. I did find someone’s spare key, in one of those little magnetic boxes you stick to some secret part of your vehicle. The box was crushed, but the key seems fine.

The hiking was most parts mud, as my poor boots can attest. With every step, the horses and I sank at least half an inch into the damp ground (OK, they may have gone a little deeper than I did). There’s some water – melted snow/ice – in some of the arroyos … but no water in ponds yet.



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7 02 2021

Need water to fill the ponds!

7 02 2021

Yes! And evidence of how much more moisture we need. … !

7 02 2021

Tesoro is my new favorite ! Thankfully it’s only Feb and the chance of moisture is favorable !

7 02 2021

Isn’t she lovely? πŸ™‚ I just love her. πŸ™‚ I sure hope we get more moisture. … As muddy as it (still) is, we need MORE!

7 02 2021
Karen Schmiede

What a pretty lady! Hope you get a lot more moisture!

7 02 2021
Sue E. Story

Tesora is such a drop-dead beauty; what a great portrait of her good looks, TJ!

7 02 2021

Hello Tesoro. You are beautiful ☺️

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8 02 2021

out here, on eastern plains? I live not too far from Ramah Dam – basically – built to control flooding out here (in good years) and one that I swam in when I was small – that, long ago was durn near a resevoir site and which, saw gains in it, could be viewed from roadway as ‘body of water’ from the Highway during the ‘we got mositure!’ years of 2013-2015? after ages of being nearly dry – while I understand it to be just one other ‘fail safe’ in a whole engineered structure to prevent flooding, etc., in the 1950s by…I believe, the Soil Conservation/National Conservation federal push? I confess, It makes me sad to drive by each year recently and not see a single gleam of reflected sky in water – – It makes me wonder if I was just born and raised in one short little period of ‘geological/climate’ time when things were better – if humans have made it worse – (I don’t doubt we have – we seem to always mess things up when we start ‘managing’ things for our own benefit and have to wait 50-500+ years to know for sure ‘hmmm…we go that ONE right – or at least one of us did….” (Coppernicus – the Earth revolves around the sun…type thingee) etc., but at the end of the day – – your description of the mud? My first thought is, “Wow! Lots of clay there – right? Which is why there is so much fine pottery reclaimed from the earth from long, long ago – – nice! cuz ya know – back then – they couldn’t order a pot, bowl, pitcher, storage container off of Amazon – – ” LOL

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