Earthy girl

18 01 2021

On this evening, the horses were grazing some high ground along one of the basin’s main drainages. From the edge, they scouted ahead for dangers, then down they went to a seep in the arroyo below. Terra let the others determine the risk, then she followed for the trip to evening water.



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18 01 2021

Very nice. Let someone else find out what is going to disrupt the evening. Smart.

18 01 2021

Terra looks wonderful and I’m glad they found a deep.

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18 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

She is a smart girl!

18 01 2021
Sue Story

I’m just amazed at how those mustangs know where to find secret desert water sources! And as for Terra, a little caution never hurt anyone. 😊

24 01 2021

Any good ‘herd’ has the scouts, the innovators, the brave, the cautious, the followers’, the rear scouts’ – between them all, they tend to get all bases ‘covered’ – 😀

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