Ladies in white

17 01 2021

On north-facing slopes, snow lingers on the ground since our last snowfall (more than two weeks ago) because those places don’t get the full press of sunshine that south-facing slopes get. We’ve had day-time temperatures in the 40s, which, with the full sunshine we’ve also had, is more than enough to melt snow quickly. Our overnight temps sink into the teens and 20s, so some snow still lingers on.

Our Monday-night-into-Tuesday-morning snowfall predictions are solidifying.

Did I mention that it has been more than two sunshiney weeks since we’ve had any heavensent moisture? We need some liquid gold … even if it’s temporarily “solid” in the form of gabillions of snowflakes.



3 responses

17 01 2021

Praying for this snow to really come and cover the ground. Let it be.

17 01 2021
Sue Story

And if you believe it’s really going to snow…well…I have a couple of ” lakeside” properties here in the desert I’d like to sell ya. We can only hope. And as for those pretty white ladies – they made my day!

17 01 2021

These are lovely ladies in white; beautiful photo too!!I pray for moo for y’all.

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