Bull’s eye view

6 09 2020

Storm is always the focus!

He was looking at my Jeep, parked on the road, across the flat, over the arroyo and up the hill. Not close … but different. It hadn’t been there previously, and nobody has eyes for *different* like a mustang. I think it’s funny that he wasn’t at all worried about me, standing a few yards away, but he was intent on making sure that little black buggy, close to half a mile away, wasn’t a danger to his family.

He and his band had found one of the three newly-watery ponds. They had apparently already watered when I found them and were grazing their way into the shade of the late afternoon.



3 responses

6 09 2020

Good to see Storm with a blue sky and not smokey gray skies anymore.

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7 09 2020

So great!

7 09 2020
Sue Story

He is looking so good, TJ! Glad to see your photos of him this year. 😊

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