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28 08 2020

It actually sprinkled a little while after I took this shot of Shane, looking at something that had been capturing her attention for quite a while (though I never did figure out what it was), a few evenings ago. She is in Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area, of course, but the background (you can just barely see Disappointment Road at about her chest level) is beyond the herd management area.

Disappointment Creek flows through that canyon (well, it does when it flows; it’s not flowing now and hasn’t for a couple of months), beyond the horses’ reach.

It’s a very enticing view, though, and rarely are the horses within range of it to show it in their background. So to whatever was repeatedly catching Shane’s attention, thanks! (There’s a hill to my right that I couldn’t see much past that she’s below with a better view. I kept asking her if she’d alert me if the attention-getter was an ambling bear. She was pretty mum. (Whatever it was, apparently it was much more interesting than me.))



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28 08 2020

Hallelujah!! It rained hard about ten minutes and now is sprinkling lightly. Yayy!! It all helps👍😁

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28 08 2020

I love how the horses will look off into the distance and I always wonder what they see even if I don’t see anything. It is certain they know something that I don’t.

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28 08 2020
Karen Schmiede

Pretty girl. Rain! Rain! Rain!

28 08 2020
Sue Story

Great pic, TJ, of ” the other side of the mountain!” And of course, gorgeous Shane. Judging from some of those colors, it looks like an early fall is coming. All that drought stress, I’m sure.

29 08 2020

So great! SHANE looking so Supreme!

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