We. Have. PONDS!

31 08 2020

Storm helps illustrate the fact that at least three ponds in Spring Creek Basin now have water for the first time in months (and months and months). A very small portion of the pond behind him is reflecting the fiery sky, but the pond is much larger than that little reflection point.

Saturday’s drenching didn’t cover all of Spring Creek Basin, but it hit a good portion of the eastern region, from the east pocket in the north to the southern tip.

At least four bands are taking advantage of two of the ponds, and I’m pretty sure a fourth pond also has water. … I ran out of time to hike back to check it because I was having too much fun hanging out with ponies – and that was before the giant, heart-leaping thrill when I saw the first of the three ponds with water. (I might have yelled and screamed and hollered really, really loudly.)

Thanks to all for your hopes, prayers, wishes and dances! 🙂



11 responses

31 08 2020

Hallelujah !!!! Such great news !!

31 08 2020

The very best news. 🙂 🙂 🙂

31 08 2020
Karen Schmiede

So glad for the rain!

1 09 2020

Me, too. 🙂

31 08 2020

ONG!!! YIPPEE!! Thankful and so happy for our mustangs and you😁😁😁😁😁❤️

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1 09 2020

Thanks, Karen. 🙂

31 08 2020
Sue Story

SO glad to see that, TJ! Actual standing water! And gorgeous Storm. That pic makes my day.

1 09 2020

Seeing him made my day, too … and it was already a pretty great day. 🙂

1 09 2020

YAAAAAAA-HHHHOOOOOOO!!!!! So glad for some moisture. Hope it sticks around for awhile.

1 09 2020

🙂 Thanks! 🙂 I hope it sticks around for a while, too! … And that more comes to fill ALL the ponds!

2 09 2020

I guess! I get the excitement!

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