Across the top

10 07 2020

Storm starts the march that leads to the descent that takes his band to water.



6 responses

10 07 2020

TJ, thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds you! It is good to know that there is peace somewhere with no Covid!!

10 07 2020

It is so, so, SO very dry. Even for this high-desert part of Colorado, it’s horribly dry. Again. Thanks for the rain wishes! We’re all hoping and praying!

10 07 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hope you get some rain soon. Looks awful dry.

10 07 2020

Oops – I managed to switch replies. 🙂 Yes, it’s dry, and yes, we have peace … if you don’t count the mental stress of conditions being so dry!

10 07 2020
Sue Story

Glad those wild ponies still have water, TJ. Been worrying about them, but if there is water to be found, they know where it is!

18 07 2020

Ah, that looks like the end of the day. Need for water never stops!

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