Shade, sweet shade

11 07 2020

If Killian looks a little grumpy … and like he’s hiding in the shade of a tamarisk in a deep arroyo in Spring Creek Basin … well, who can blame him? He doesn’t know the numbers, but he knows it’s hot. Our mercury hit at least 98 yesterday, and triple digits are on tap this weekend.



5 responses

11 07 2020

Heart-throb!!!! Stay cool!

11 07 2020
Karen Schmiede

Cool dude!

11 07 2020
Sue Story

Good place to be – deep arroyo, shade – our boy Killian is not just a hunk but he’s a smarty too! 😊

14 07 2020

I know how he feels. The valley was 108 yesterday (Sunday) . Home was only 4 degrees lower. 😫

18 07 2020

I would hide in bvb the shade also!

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