Some black, more blue

23 06 2020

Raven heads to evening water with her band.

Those blue skies are resoundingly, depressingly, never-endingly … you know … blue.

But at least the ponies are doing well during another hot, dry summer.



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23 06 2020

Rain, they need rain!

23 06 2020

C’mon, RAIN!!!!!!!!!!

23 06 2020

What are the roads like to view the horses? I will be vacationing in the area later this year and would be interested in taking a drive if possible. I have been able to observe some of the horses in Cody, WY and loved it, and would really enjoy sitting and watching some of these guys too. Your photos are beautiful!

23 06 2020

Hi, Michelle – glad to hear that you’ll be visiting Spring Creek Basin this year! And thank you! The roads currently are completely dry (and with no rain in the foreseeable future, likely to remain that way). High-clearance vehicles are recommended, but you won’t necessarily need four-wheel drive. If it IS at all wet – or imminently threatening – I’d recommend not driving into the basin at all. It’s a lot smaller than McCullough Peaks, and there aren’t many roads to choose from. 🙂 There is a loop, but unless you definitely have a fairly short-wheelbase vehicle and 4WD (for traction) and high clearance, I would NOT recommend going all the way around. There’s one place in the far back eastern part that is really steep (if you do have the aforementioned vehicle, I recommend going clockwise around the loop to go *down* that section). The horses’ locations vary according to water availability, which is scarce right now. Depending on when you visit, we may have received some welcome rains?! 🙂

23 06 2020
Karen Schmiede

Doing a rain dance for you!

23 06 2020

Thanks, Karen! 🙂

25 06 2020
Sue Story

Ravishing Raven – she’s a beauty with her white chin. Glad she’s looking so well in spite of our drought!

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