Just that beautiful

18 05 2020


Storm was peacefully grazing along, and I was patiently watching to catch him in a better “pose” with that spectacular background, looking across Spring Creek Basin and Disappointment Valley, all the way to Utah! Maybe looking back to his mares or something.

Suddenly, the “something” happened, and he stopped with his head up, then performed a neat turn on the haunches and headed in the direction of the trees to the right. I never did figure out what caught his attention. But it gave me a nice little photo op of one of my very favorite boys with the La Sals still gleaming under a bit of snow in the distance.



5 responses

18 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

What a handsome guy!

18 05 2020
Lynn and Kathy

Perfect timing!! He’s gorgeous!

18 05 2020

❤ ❤

18 05 2020
Sue Story

Storm and the far view. Perfect!

22 05 2020

Great pose!

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