Working hard

1 05 2020


Hayden was working up a sweat from the effort to keep a couple of rival stallions away from his band of mares. Still, he gleams like the shiniest copper penny ever minted. How DOES he do that?!

Happy birthday to my brother, Jeff. He’s working from home like so many others these days, as hard as ever. Happy May Day, little bro!



5 responses

1 05 2020

Those have to work hard to keep the family intact!

1 05 2020

HAPPY MAY DAY ALL!! TJ, if your brother is still in IL, the weather is gorgeous today, he has sunshine for his birthday!!

1 05 2020

He IS in Illinois! He was in a meeting earlier when I texted him, so singing will have to wait. 😉

1 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

Cool Dude!

1 05 2020
Sue Story

Hayden is such a handsome red-head! 😊 Happy Birthday to your “little brother,” TJ!

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