The beat of raven wings

1 04 2020


Temple’s and Madison’s attention was caught by the sound of a raven flying along a wall of the nearby arroyo.

I had started walking down into the arroyo to follow another band that had gone through it and was grazing farther along, just above it. When I happened to look behind me, I saw that I had some taggers-along (or is that tag-alongs?).

This might be their version of “hey, nothing to see here … look, over there!” 🙂



6 responses

1 04 2020
Karen Schmiede

How cute!

1 04 2020

Such beautiful girls!

1 04 2020

Hi TJ. Too busy at the food pantry to enjoy your posts, just catching up. Many thanks for giving me some peace of mind! ? how old is Sundance?

2 04 2020

Oh, Marytherese, thank you, especially during these times, for serving others! Please stay healthy while you help so many others who are in need. Sundance probably is around 15-ish?

1 04 2020
Sue Story

Giving you a mustang ” heads up!” 😊

1 04 2020

So perfect!

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