Greater distance

22 03 2020


Way out yonder, wild horses graze. Our most recent little weather system brought some snow to the higher places above the east-southeast side of the basin. But the waves of infrequent, light rain we got a few days ago is all we’ve had here in the lower elevations. What’s that all about? The dry lands could use some more moisture.



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22 03 2020

Thank you TJ. With all that is going on around us, I feel blessed by your updates.

22 03 2020

Thank YOU, Marytherese. 🙂 From the beginning, sharing the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin through this blog has been important. Knowing their magic reaches people and adds a little brightness to your days brightens *my* days. I feel blessed by your comments, as I do by the mustangs themselves. 🙂 Thank you.

22 03 2020
Karen Schmiede

My thanks to you also,TJ. I look forward to your blog every day. Thank You!

22 03 2020

Thanks, Karen. 🙂 I think of you when I see the pintos!

22 03 2020
Sue Story

Thankful for the high country snow – maybe some future moisture for us in that. But we do need so much more in our “low country.” And to echo everyone else: We do appreciate your blog and photos so much, TJ, and although we always do, at this particular time – while we’re captives in our house – they are so good for the soul! 😊

22 03 2020

Thanks, Sue. You’re so right about good high country snow and being thankful for that. We need a lot more direct moisture in our low lands. Thanks also for your support of the mustangs! I hope things ease enough for you and Denny to get back out here soon to see the horses!

24 03 2020

More , more moisture! Beautiful!

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