10 03 2020


Hayden isn’t always in the mood to pose handsomely for the folks back home. 🙂

Maybe he, like the rest of us, was still nursing a grudge against Ma Nature, who did NOT deliver moisture to us Sunday. I mean, it’s pretty glorious out there, but it’s dry. So dry.



3 responses

10 03 2020
Sue Story

Looks like there’s some water…somewhere. Hayden has on muddy “boots.” And he’s looking quite handsome…as usual! 😊

10 03 2020

Yes! There’s a seep in another arroyo semi-nearby. I followed another band to it later in the evening. It’s one they showed me a couple of years ago. Not much water, but it’s nicely spread out so several horses potentially could drink there at the same time.

11 03 2020
Sue Story

Those mustangs are a clever bunch! And leave it to them to “show you” where the hidden water is! 😊

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