Gold from heaven

22 02 2020


We have actual, honest-to-goodness wet stuff in our weekend forecast. The percentages are pretty good … but we’ve seen our chances evaporate (!) before – most recently … pretty much all this winter.

Cross your fingers for us. We have actual, honest-to-goodness dust happening already (already!), and we need some moisture.



5 responses

22 02 2020

Fingers crossed!

22 02 2020
Karen Schmiede

Praying for moisture!

22 02 2020

Thank you!!!

22 02 2020
Sue Story

Things are not looking very good so far – just clouds, no rain. Praying that those clouds do something instead of just sitting there looking at us!

22 02 2020

I completely agree! At least it’s cloudy after days of full sunshine. 🙂 Rain supposed to start later this afternoon/evening? Hoping and wishing!

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