11 11 2019


We made it through another third season. 🙂

And on our very last day, we had another check-up visit by one of our excellent BLM law-enforcement rangers! And I found out that our other ranger was out not only the day before the season (when friend Pat and I talked to him) but a few other times, too.

Fourth rifle season starts Wednesday. It’s a short season, and it’s usually much quieter than third.


To our veterans (including my dad, a retired Army officer; my uncle, formerly a Navy pilot; my cousin, a former Navy SEAL; *my grandpas on both sides of my family, who served as an engineer in the Army and as an aircraft gunner with the Army Air Corps during World War II), thank you for your service and your sacrifices. Your families know the costs.

(*Updated to note the service of my grandpas. I wasn’t sure whether to include them as veterans because they’ve both passed away. But as Karen S. noted below, our gratitude extends to our service members past *and* present!)



6 responses

11 11 2019

Thanks for all the service members and families including my Dad who served in the army in WW2 and Frank who enlisted in the Navy to serve during Viet Nam.

11 11 2019

Thanks to Frank and your dad for their service!

11 11 2019
Karen Schmiede

Thank You to all service members past and present.

11 11 2019

Thank you for the reminder that service has no limit of time.

11 11 2019
Sue Story

Glad our most dreaded hunting season is in the rear view mirror for another year! And yes, thank you to all of our veterans, including my dad (WWII, Battle of the Bulge) and my hubby (Viet Nam War). Their sacrifices and – many times – their sufferings are without precedence, and our “thank yous” just never seem to be enough. We hold them in our hearts always.

11 11 2019

“We hold them in our hearts always.” Perfectly said. Thanks to Dennis and your dad for their service!

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