Summer fading

28 09 2019


Sweet Puzzle-lita in the basin’s back of beyond. She looks summer slick, but the horses are readying for shorter days and colder nights and starting to get a little fuzzy.



5 responses

28 09 2019

Puzzle is a looker and the background is stunning.

28 09 2019

Doesn’t she seem to glow?! 🙂

28 09 2019
Marytherese Ambacher

Hope those are rain clouds in the background coming your way…

28 09 2019

Well, maybe … but not for us. 🙂 We’ve been getting some teasing skies … but mostly just lots and lots and lots of sunshine. Oddly, we’ve seen a couple of partial rainbows lately, too, maybe from virga (rain that doesn’t reach the ground), maybe from actual rain – somewhere else. I keep hoping … but it’s really dry, and we’re back in moderate drought. Thank you for the wishes!

28 09 2019
Karen Schmiede

Another beautiful scene Love those Pintos!

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