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31 05 2019


The Denver news last night shared that this is the first time since 2000 that Colorado has not, in any part of the state, been in any kind of abnormally dry conditions. Our region in southwestern Colorado records a whopping snowpack 713 percent of normal.

Now, Disappointment Valley doesn’t get a lot of snowpack-melting benefit other than what flows down Disappointment Creek. The great majority of our landscape relies on moisture that falls directly on it.

But if the pic above, showing lovely Madison, looks green, it’s because we HAVE gotten a fair amount of moisture that has fallen directly on the land – including just an hour or so earlier on the day that pic was taken. šŸ™‚



3 responses

31 05 2019

What a beauty!

31 05 2019

So happy you all got moisture. The past several summers have been a big worry. Hope you are spared that this year.

31 05 2019
Sue Story

Madison is absolutely beautiful! And we are all so very grateful for the increased mousture!

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