Where’d all the snow go?

6 03 2019

Hollywood; Temple Butte, McKenna Peak

Melted, pal.

Don’t worry. More is on the way. 🙂 (Rain first, though!)



6 responses

6 03 2019

Rain is good, messy but good.

6 03 2019

You said it! 🙂 I’ll take all the in-the-moment mud for grass and full ponds later!!!! 🙂

6 03 2019

And grass soon, I hope!

6 03 2019

We HAVE to see grass (and other things) growing after all this moisture! 🙂

6 03 2019
Sue Story

Love those colors, TJ – fuzzy bay mustang and vibrant “blue hills.” Very pretty. Raining here – hope you’re getting this too!

6 03 2019

A tiny little “sprinkle wave” came through earlier, but as far as I could discern, didn’t add much to the current mud level. 🙂 Definitely prepared to get more!

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