Something in the air

20 02 2019

Skywalker and S'aka

Who better to illustrate our love of white stuff floating through the air than our favorite bro boys, Skywalker and S’aka? 🙂

To further illustrate the size difference between these unlikely pals …

Skywalker and S'aka

The little guy is the boss guy. Seriously.



5 responses

20 02 2019
Maggie Frazier

Its not the size that matters!

20 02 2019

LOL! It’s all about attitude! Go S’aka!

20 02 2019
Sue Story

The “little guy” definitely has the BIG attitude! These two epitomise bachelor handsomeness in Spring Creek Basin.

20 02 2019
Carla Hawks

There’s a 100 mile endurance horse whos name is Sizedoesntmatter. :)))

21 02 2019

Definitely about attitude! 🙂 Love the name of the endurance horse!

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