16 01 2019


There’s always something about a beautiful bay mustang.

There’s something even more magical about a beautiful bay mustang during a snowfall.

Tenaz was defending a young mare from a young stallion. Chivalry; it ain’t dead, folks. 🙂


Karen and Shaun Mason are visitors to Spring Creek Basin who compiled a 2019 calendar of photos of the mustangs. They’ll donate $5 from every calendar purchase to the Colorado chapter of the National Mustang Association, which supports the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin and elsewhere in Southwest Colorado.

The images are gorgeous and “processed in photographic oil,” which gives a really lovely, painterly quality to the photos.

If you’re in need of a calendar that really is art, check out Karen’s and Shaun’s!



3 responses

16 01 2019
Sue Story

Tenaz and snow – my day is now complete! 😊

18 01 2019
Karen Mason

Thank you, TJ! We love all of your beautiful photos and all that you do for these lovely horses!

18 01 2019

Thank you so much for donating some of the proceeds from your beautiful calendar! I can’t wait to see it for myself. 🙂

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