Always the brave

17 01 2019

Spirit and Puzzle

The morning started sunny – which is less normal this month than almost ever in Colorado – then turned cloudy. We have some moisture in the forecast, so cloudy is good, and if clouds bring ANY kind of moisture while we continue on in the D4 (worst) drought category, clouds are good.

You can see by the grassy patches under Spirit’s and Puzzle’s hooves that our snow is melting, so more clouds and more moisture would be welcome. Though I’m sure the ponies enjoy easy access to even the slight offering of last year’s marginal growth. 🙂

A side note: Check out Spirit’s little under-eyeliner of brown. What a sense of fashion and makeup that little girl has!



3 responses

17 01 2019

Praying for more moisture and colder temps! The horses are so good looking.

17 01 2019
Karen Schmiede

Love those Pintos.

17 01 2019
Sue Story

Brave and beautiful. Hoping the forecast is accurate – snow off and on the next 2 days. It will take weeks of snow to pull us out of D4, so the more days the better!

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