Seeing mustangs far in the trees

15 01 2019

Long, far mustangs

Do you see them? They were hard for me to find, and I was looking hard. Slightly left and above center, there are some black bits smaller than the trees. There are actually two bands and a couple of bachelors up there.

They were the first to get the sunlight when the sun finally rose above the deep cloud bank lingering to the southeast. On the “flats,” there’s still an average of maybe 3 or 4 inches of snow

We’ve had lots of melting as well as some tantalizing drifting wisps of snow falling. More is in the forecast. 🙂



6 responses

15 01 2019

YES, I spotted them. The best kind of I spy! 🙂

15 01 2019

Hmmmm!! I see no horses. Have to work on the puzzle!

15 01 2019
Sue Story

You have some good eyes there, TJ. I’ll squint and work on this some more. 😊

15 01 2019

I’m not saying they actually LOOK like horses at this distance. And they were much easier (!) to see with the binoculars. 🙂 At mid-, upper left, see the faintly “orange” rock that slopes from left down to the right? The horses visible in this pic are below the lowest part of the rock, not quite as far to the right as the rock layer is visible, just below a horizontal line of a handful of trees. The horses are just specks, really, and they’re smaller than the trees.

18 01 2019
Sue Story

Aha! I just found them, TJ! 😁

19 01 2019

Good job! 🙂 Never forget to look high and far!

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