Mine, all mine

28 08 2018

Kestrel and Comanche

Get back home, you!

Kestrel wasn’t reallllllly wandering … but during her peaceful grazing, she wandered too close to another band. And Comanche – apparently – did not like that one little bitty bit. 🙂

Hard to blame him; he and Mistress Kestrel have been together for a very long time. They’re basin royalty.



3 responses

28 08 2018
Sue Story

Snaking! 🙂 And does “Comanche ever look serious in this retrieval of his “prize” girl! She is such a beauty. What a great pic, TJ!

29 08 2018

Love that you caught this action in picture. Good thing he did not let her wander far!

30 08 2018

Great pic! Someone is always in control in a relationship…

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