Ridge walker

30 06 2018


It was a pretty nice view … and then Hayden walked into it, and it became spectacular. šŸ™‚

Hot, dry, windy conditions (you know … same ol’, same ol’ … ) have resulted in more – and more visible – activity from the 416 and Burro fires. Air quality near the fires is pretty bad, according to personal accounts and this Durango Herald article.


Many thanks to the many firefighters on the job in our area!



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30 06 2018
Maggie Frazier

Everyone in this country should give thanks to those firefighters – putting their lives in danger for everyone else.

30 06 2018


30 06 2018
Sue Story

Looks like “our” plume in your photo, TJ. It’s been really bad again – much smoke. But Hayden certainly will lift one’s spirits! Thanks for this photo! šŸ™‚

30 06 2018

From here, the bright-white, billowy tops look good, like a storm building … but it’s that ugliness below that tells the story. šŸ˜¦

1 07 2018

The landscape is so wonderful, wet or dry!
Yes, thanks to all the firefighters across the west that work so hard to keep us safe.

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