6 02 2017

Mariah, Temple Butte, part of McKenna Peak

What’s not to love about a gorgeous mustang who reflects her stunning home range … right down to the bits of mud that are reminiscent of the bits of snow still clinging to the edges of erosion-rilled flanks of Temple Butte and McKenna Peak?

Fortunately for us, there’s absolutely everything to love about all of it. 🙂




6 responses

6 02 2017

Don’t look at my mud, I will be rolling any time now. Just think of wandering in the Basin!
You are a lucky one, TJ.

10 02 2017

I am amazingly blessed. I “wake up grateful” every day! 🙂

6 02 2017
Prairie girl

Your images lately are melting my heart…every day the close-ups of the familiar faces look stunning!
They’re so clear & crisp too.
I think I’ve been stuck in the house too long!
Anyway, thanks!

10 02 2017

You guys have had a lot of snow in Wyoming this winter?! Hope it translates into miles and acres of plentiful grasses and forage this spring and summer – for your wild horses and all wildlife!

6 02 2017
Sue Story

I second “Prairie girl” – I’ve been stuck in the house too long too, so thank goodness for you, TJ and all of your magnificent photos to keep us “outdoors” and close to the mustangs. And I love this one – mustang colors and landscape colors reflecting one another back and forth. Cool! 🙂

10 02 2017

It’s essential to my mental health to get out and about in wild places with the wild things. 🙂 Neither mud nor more mud can keep a mustang-addicted chickie from her appointed rounds …!

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