Happy birthday, Mom!

28 10 2016


Happy birthday to my wonderful and wonderfully inspiring mom!

How do you thank a person – your mom – for a lifetime of support and encouragement? Someone asked me recently whether my parents had ever pushed me toward anything particular in life. We were talking about how our “normal” family lives make us rather dysfunctional in these modern times! An interesting perspective, eh?

It wasn’t particular, material things my parents pushed me toward; rather, it was characteristics, I think, that we (my brother and I) were shown – by their behavior – that we just (just!) emulated: high standard of ethics, compassion, tolerance, flexibility, the ability to not only adapt to new situations but thrive in them.

In short, my mom (and dad) is pretty awesome. 🙂

She (and he) also made sure I grew up with horses – as she (and he) did. Thanks, Mom. 🙂

Happy birthday!



9 responses

28 10 2016

Happy birthday to your Mom. Your parents did a good job with you for sure!

28 10 2016

beautiful tribute to your Mom, Dad and brother TJ, a lot of love and respect. You sound like a great band of wild horses!!

28 10 2016
Nancy Holmes

Thank you! You, and Jeff, grew up good! Well adjusted, self sufficient, self assured, kind hearted adults! Love you much!!!!

28 10 2016

We had some pretty excellent role models to become such. 🙂 Love you, Mom! 🙂

28 10 2016
Sue Story

You are a wonderful testimony to how very special your Mom (and your Dad) are! Happy birthday to your Mom, TJ; hold her close.

28 10 2016
Karen Schmiede

Happy Birthday,TJ’s, Mom. You did a great job!

28 10 2016
Lynn and Kathy

We look up to TJ as a role model in so many ways! We may be well over 60, but we’ve found very few folks of ANY age that inspire us to work harder to be better, to care more than TJ. Thank-you, both! 🙂

29 10 2016
Kathryn Wilder

I hope your yesterday was wonderful, Nancy! I knew this post would be made–TJ never fails to honor her parents–but I had to search for it. You know I was thinking about you, with much gratitude for the gifts you’ve given all of us–the mustangs and TJ’s friends–through TJ. Thank you!!! And may this be a wonderful year for you!

30 10 2016

Thank you all for your birthday wishes for my mom! 🙂

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