Witchy girl

31 10 2016


Raven girl. Oh so pretty … and fuzzy! Gettin’ there anyway.

This was a rare (very rare!) overcast day in Spring Creek Basin. No rain, but it was very pleasant out there with the ponies!


Happy Halloween!



5 responses

31 10 2016
Karen Schmiede

Happy Halloween to everyone.

31 10 2016
Sue Story

Raven is such a beautiful girl. And goodness, TJ, I can’t believe it’s time for mustangs to get “fuzzy,” but then again, it IS November tomorrow!

31 10 2016

Thanks TJ, I love seeing Raven – my first introduction photo to SCB was Raven and then foal Skywalker taken by my sister Spring! Take care!

31 10 2016

Raven is such the perfect name for her. She did a fine job with master Skywalker!

3 11 2016

Love her white chin! Ahh, so this is Skywalker’s dam. 🙂

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