2 09 2016


If these awesome folks look familiar, they should. They returned to Spring Creek Basin recently to install the water trough below the basin’s second catchment.


In that first photo, they’re celebrating because this trough – shown filling with water – now is full of water for Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs. 🙂

Ginormous thanks to (top photo, left to right) Justin Hunt (BLM range tech), Pat Amthor (4CBCH), Kat Wilder (advocate), Frank Amthor (4CBCH), Garth Nelson (BLM range specialist) and Carol Capps (4CBCH)! Our mustangs have even more water, thanks to you all!



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2 09 2016
Prairie girl

That’s so wonderful and inspiring!
Please send them my way. 😉
Those horses are so lucky.

2 09 2016

Thank you all for the gifts of your time and talent you continue to give to our beautiful spirits of the wild – that actually teach us lessons of peace and community!! Thanks TJ for sharing and all you do to advocate!!

2 09 2016

True thanks to all who have worked so hard on this project. The goal of water for the horses started years ago with Wayne Werkmister. And now is complete.
Thanks TJ for all the work you do for the horses of the Basin!

2 09 2016
Elizabeth Testa

How wonderful to think that life won’t be quite so parched for the Spring Creek herd. Thank you for the dogged determination to get this done!

2 09 2016
Sue Story

Thank you to all of you once again for this wonderful project to keep our thirsty mustangs supplied with water! Glad you could finally put the “period” on the sentence after all of that hard work earlier this summer. And thank you again for your wonderful photos and advocacy, TJ!

5 09 2016

Yes, we have Wayne to thank for the trend of good work and advocacy he started for our Spring Creek Basin mustangs! Pat and Frank have seen all the comings and goings … and now back to good partnership! 🙂 Thanks to you both and Four Corners Back Country Horsemen for championing good work for our wild ones! That group and NMA/CO (which purchased the apron materials) have been instrumental in these accomplishments!

We love our volunteers! Maybe we could loan some of them to other places … but we’d want them back! 🙂

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