10 02 2016


Comanche turns his butt to the challenger.

To continue some of our discussion about greys, note that his mane and forelock still are very dark, as well as the shading on his knees and hocks and lower legs. See how his tail is “going grey” from the top down? He probably was born bay because when he was a young bachelor, he was a lovely soft “brown-grey” shade.




4 responses

10 02 2016

So handsome!

10 02 2016
Prairie girl

It’s so fascinating to me how the drastic changes in color take place from birth! And confusing, sometimes. 😉

10 02 2016

Fabulous personality. Interesting color changes.

10 02 2016
Sue Story

Like everyone above, I think these color changes are so interesting, and before our visits to see the mustangs, I would never have guessed that their colors transform like this over time. Just one more cool thing about these wonderful creatures!

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