In sync

9 02 2016

Alegre and Maia

Alegre and Maia look perfectly adapted to their snowy home with their fuzzy coats. Alegre already matches her environment; Maia is getting there!




8 responses

9 02 2016
George W Doerre

This is one of those great photos that make you
smile as you study it. Maia’s head is a perfect match
for the variegated patches on the rise behind her.
The rest of her matches the larger patches.Great
photo TJ Stay warm…………..g

9 02 2016

Thanks, George! It’s definitely warming up – 50s! Our snow is melting again, which means mud … but it all means moisture!

9 02 2016

beauty in movement, thank you!!

9 02 2016

Such is part of their grace!

9 02 2016
Sue Story

We have seen these two beauties together on many occasions on our visits. Black and white, so simple, so pretty. Do they just run around with each other TJ, or are they part of some other band sometimes.

9 02 2016

They’re mares and with a band all the time. Also, because you mentioned colors in a previous comment, I’ll point out that the “black” mare actually is grey (and the “white” is grey!). 🙂 See her head/face? On the grey mare in the foreground, see how her hocks and knees – and just a little bit on her hindquarters – still are a little darker? She may have been as dark as Maia once upon a time (meaning that she likely was born black). By the time I met her, she probably was at least 3 (she’s probably around 11-13-ish now), and she was very dappled and quite a bit darker – though lighter than Maia.

9 02 2016
Sue Story

Thanks TJ.

10 02 2016

They look like ladies on a mission.

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