Glorious snow

14 12 2015

Spring Creek Basin snow; McKenna Peak, Temple Butte.

Free-running mustangs gallop across Spring Creek Basin in new snow below McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

We are thankful for this gift of moisture for our mustangs and other wildlife!




8 responses

14 12 2015
Prairie girl

Oh!! What a marvelous Christmas card that would make!!
Happy to see them rejoicing in the fresh snow. We all are. 🙂

14 12 2015
Karen Schmiede

Glad you got snow. It would make a lovely Christmas card for horse lovers.

14 12 2015
Sue Story

And more on the way as we speak; how grateful we are for ourselves and the mustangs! Great photo TJ, dark mustangs on white snow.

14 12 2015
Kathryn Wilder


16 12 2015
Barbara Stagg

What could be better – beautiful horses, beautiful setting AND MOISTURE.

17 12 2015
Stephanie Brinkman

Have you ever thought about doing a yearly calendar with photos of the lovely horses from Spring Creek Basin? Please?!

17 12 2015

Yes, I’ve done them in the past. Unfortunately, life’s busy-ness conspires to keep me from being consistent about it! Thank you. 🙂 Glad you love our Spring Creek Basin beauties!

17 12 2015

Alternatively, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign published a 2016 calendar with stunning photos of wild horses and burros from across the West – including here in Colorado. Find it here:

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