Coming to water

15 10 2015

Comng to water.

Mustangs from different bands form a line to water – a still-nicely-filled pond in the middle of Spring Creek Basin. Two of the basin’s icons – McKenna Peak and Temple Butte – fill the horizon and frame the magic.

Summer monsoons didn’t materialize here in the southwestern corner of the state, and we’re looking for autumn rains somewhere in all these blue, blue, cloudless skies. Fortunately, some raindrops have returned to our forecast. Crossing fingers and hooves.




6 responses

15 10 2015

Amazing how polite they are as they wait their turn.

16 10 2015

Mustangs *are* the most polite horses!

15 10 2015

Rain thoughts coming your way from the Midwest!!

16 10 2015

Thanks! We have great rain chances coming up!

18 10 2015

Spectacular shot!

20 10 2015
Karen Keene Day

Love these pictures. Their formation of a long line to the water hole says a lot for herd order.

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