Scoping period’s deadline extended to Feb. 28

9 01 2015

Kudos to all who already have sent letters and emails in response to BLM’s request for comments about future bait trapping in Spring Creek Basin! We are so appreciative.

For you procrastinators out there (you’re in good company with yours truly), BLM has extended the deadline to comment. It’s now Feb. 28.

To repeat some information, the scoping letter and National Mustang Association/Colorado chapter- and Disappointment Wild Bunch Partners-submitted bait-trapping proposal are linked at NMA/CO’s website.

When you comment, please consider including your address to be added to BLM’s mailing list for future contact about issues related to our Spring Creek Basin mustangs – including the forthcoming EA. The scoping notice is the step that will lead to an EA that should include the potential to use bait trapping in Spring Creek Basin – in the future, when needed.

It is important to know that NO ROUNDUP is scheduled in Spring Creek Basin this year, and with the success of our PZP program, we shouldn’t need one for at least a year or two.

This is a very positive step forward in the evolution of good management of Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs. We already are using native PZP to slow the population growth of the herd. Bait trapping will provide a means of safe “gathering” and removal of horses when needed to keep the herd’s size in balance with the resources of Spring Creek Basin. In our fragile, high-desert environment, we must protect the range for the good of all generations of our mustangs.

Please pass the word, and send those comments! Thank you!

Maia, Alegre and Houdini





10 responses

9 01 2015
Kathryn Wilder

Thank you, TJ! This is so important to the ponies out there in Spring Creek Basin, and a great first step toward actual bait trapping vs helicopter roundups. I hope we hear from your many fans in support of this! Beautiful photo of Houdini, Alegre, and Maia, btw!

9 01 2015

Yes, indeed, this is huge in its potential benefit to the horses. It represents the loyal commitment of a lot of people, and I have to mention that it was one of Pati Temple’s dreams to see bait trapping implemented in Spring Creek Basin – as an end to helicopter-driven roundups. For Pati as well as our mustangs, I’d love to see this dream come true. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to advocate for on-the-range, in-the-wild management to keep our mustangs wild.

10 01 2015
Karlene Stange

Well done!

10 01 2015

Thanks, Karlene. 🙂

10 01 2015
Kathy McWhite

In memory of Pati, we must continue to fight for our mustangs. This is definitely a positive move so I hope we can continue to convince the BLM how important our horses are and how much they mean to so many of us. thank
you Tj for your work and dedication and for keeping up all informed.

10 01 2015

Thanks, Kathy!

11 01 2015
Sherri Libby

Thank you TJ for all of your concern and keeping our mustangs free. I am opposed to using helicopters to round up these horses and encourage the use of baiting. Helicopters are a cruel way to do this round up.
Keep those mustangs running free!

11 01 2015

Thanks so much, Sherri! Be sure to tell BLM exactly that in a comment letter. And everyone, be sure to include your address to be on BLM’s future mailing lists about topics related to Spring Creek Basin’s mustangs.

13 01 2015
Linda Horn

Thanks for the reminder! I wish I could figure out why I haven’t been able to get your blog to show up in my inbox since I changed my email addy AGES ago.

13 01 2015

I wish I could help? I never knew it was showing in people’s inboxes until a couple of people thanked me for emailing the pix every day – huh? 🙂 I can’t even figure out how to follow a friend’s blog; WordPress keeps telling me I need to enter a valid email address!

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