4CBCH annual wild horse count

30 05 2014

On May 17, members of the Four Corners Back Country Horsemen came to Spring Creek Basin for their annual wild horse count. This was their 14th year!

This is an important, ongoing partnership between 4CBCH and BLM. In addition to counting mustangs in Spring Creek Basin and getting an idea of the makeup of bands, members traditionally complete a work project during the weekend. Previous projects have included fence maintenance, packing out old wire and weed surveys. The last couple of years, the Forest Service has sent a weed-spraying crew to the basin to spray some of the locations we’ve surveyed.

In years past, horseless members of the group would drive to the base of Round Top and hike to the summit, then use binoculars and spotting scopes to search for mustangs. Radio communication between horseback groups and the hikers would help with locations and identifications. Now, we have horseback folks and folks who take “horseless carriages” around the loop road in the basin to look for horses, completing projects on the way.

Again this year, we surveyed ponds for the presence of knapweed and musk thistle. Fortunately, we found little of either type of weed at all the locations we checked.

Between the riders and the drivers, we saw almost all the horses! And a few of the bands put on a show by being in close proximity to each other, which was great for everyone to see so many of our mustangs!

Pat (president of 4CBCH) and Frank Amthor were the weekend’s leaders, as usual, and as always, they hosted a wonderful event full of horses, stories of past mustang sightings and terrific food. A highlight this year was meeting a Spring Creek Basin mustang, Tipi (spelling?), adopted in 2005. He reminded me completely of Bruiser – minus the spots!

Lisa Cribbs, Travis, Cathy Roberts, Cindy, Adrian and Mikayla

Lisa and her son, Travis, lead the way into the basin from the campsite off the Disappointment Road. Travis has attended most counts since he was 6 years old!

Travis, Cathy Roberts, Mikayla, Adrian, Kat Wilder

Eva Duvillard and Tipi

Eva and her Spring Creek Basin mustang, Tipi. (Yes, the gnats are out!)

Adrian and mustang Reno

Eva’s husband, Adrian, also rode a mustang, Reno. They recently adopted a third mustang. These are true mustang supporters!

Cathy Roberts and Shenoah (sp?)

Cathy is 4CBCH’s vice president; this was her first count. Her lovely mom, Millie, came from California and joined us to see mustangs from the vehicles.


This also was the first count for Cindy and her daughter.

Mikayla and Saphira

Daughter Mikayla (sp?) and her little mare Sapphira made a great pair.

Lisa Cribbs on Bullseye

Lisa is a past 4CBCH president, and she has attended numerous counts – and has lots of great stories about the mustangs they’ve encountered!

Travis, Lisa Cribbs, Cathy Roberts and Mikayla

As noted, Travis has been coming to Spring Creek Basin since he  was 6. He’s now 20!

Bob Volger on Buckley

Bob is another past 4CBCH president who has ridden in the basin several times. He also has packed old wire out using his horses.

Kat Wilder on Kua

Kat is one of our NMA/CO board members, and this was her first count. It probably won’t be her last!

Thank you to all involved for your camaraderie and super enthusiasm for our Spring Creek Basin mustangs! We’ll see you next spring!



7 responses

30 05 2014
Prairie girl

Wonderful snapshots!

30 05 2014
Sandy Harris

Looks like a great time–except for those gnats!


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30 05 2014

Fabulous!!! Good looking bunch of horses too!

30 05 2014
Pat Amthor

This is fabulous ! May I give to Kathy for the Newsletter? You are so good!

Testas garage sale is tomorrow. We worked at there place most if the day then Frank and Carol started the food for the BCH Packing Clinic campout tomorrow night. I WENT TO TOWN TO get some things. CAME home to the smell of chicken in the oven,yummm.then he is going to put in the Dutch oven and put bar b q sauce on and heat up. Carol talking, breathless at times! Oh my! So Iit goes. At 815,I said we have to get up early and it has been a big day and she went on home. Thank you Carol!

Up at 05 tomorrow, sale starts at 0730…… Going to sleep now. Lu, Pat

30 05 2014

Yes! Hope ya’ll have a successful garage sale!

31 05 2014
Millie Esten

Thanks to all of you for making this a special weekend for me. I was so amazed and awed by the beautiful Valley and those magnificent horses. I admire you all for what you do. Millie (Cathy’s Mom)

1 06 2014

Millie, we’re so glad you came, and we hope you’ll come back with Cathy next year! 4CBCH has a super group of people, and we’re so thankful every year that they come back and help with projects in the basin for the horses. It takes a community, and this is a wonderful one. 🙂

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