31 05 2014


Doesn’t Chrome make a handsome backdrop to a glowing bunch of Indian ricegrass? The rain has done wonders for the grasses in Spring Creek Basin, and a variety of wildflowers have bloomed recently. The mustangs reap the benefits!



7 responses

31 05 2014
Prairie girl

So beautiful. And the mud in the mane.

31 05 2014
Donna Catterick

This is a fantastic photograph! Thank you for posting it.

31 05 2014

TJ, what you are doing with this photo journal is a wonder, a true work of devotional art. Thank you so much for your commitment and your heart, not to mention a great eye!

31 05 2014
Kathryn Wilder

I LOVE THIS HORSE!!! Thank you, TJ :-).

31 05 2014

Love Chrome’s ‘freckles’.

31 05 2014
Lynn and Kathy

Very nicely done!

2 06 2014

Ditto what katherinepark2013 said! Well done TJ!

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