So long, 2013

31 12 2013


Here’s hoping you all can look back on a good 2013 and that we can look forward to a better 2014.

While our mustangs in Spring Creek Basin fared pretty well – especially once the rains finally came in the second half of the year – many of our country’s other mustangs lost their families and freedom forever. And America’s mustangs aren’t the planet’s only wild horses under fire. … And not only wild horses are at risk of abuses at the hands of humans.

It’s up to us to give our horses clear voices that reach around the world.

It’s the Year of the Horse, after all!



6 responses

31 12 2013
Prairie girl

LOL!! That picture!
Yes, the year of the horse. May this year show promise for all horses.

31 12 2013
Puller Lanigan

Here! Here!!! Happy New Year to you too TJ!

31 12 2013

Hello TJ and wild mustangs!! Well said TJ, 2014 is a new start, lets make it count!

31 12 2013

Hello TJ,
I have read a lot about mustangs recently. Thank you for all of your marvellous work and all the best for 2014.

31 12 2013

How funny! Happy New Year TJ!

31 12 2013
Karen Schmiede

Happy New Year, TJ . Hope it is a good one for man and horses, and all animals. Thank you for the work you do, and for the pics.

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