Dark skies coming

18 07 2013

Grey and Houdini in storm light against Brumley Point.

Grey/Traveler and Houdini watch Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands with a hint of storm on the horizon.

We got rain. It left puddles. If we get much more of this stuff, it might lead to the filling of ponds. 🙂



5 responses

18 07 2013
Prairie girl

Yay! A filling-of-the-ponds celebration!!
So happy. 🙂

18 07 2013

I’ll confirm the next time I’m in the basin. More rain fell last night. It IS happy news, and ponds with water will be the happiest!

18 07 2013

awesome!!! keep it coming

18 07 2013
Puller Lanigan

Oh, I so hope you get filled ponds….actually, wild horses with ponds of water will be the happiest. 😉

21 07 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Special “rain dances” DO sometimes work! 🙂

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