30 04 2013

Aspen against the La Sal Mountains at the end of the day.

My absolute favorite line from Opus Moon’s “Wild Horse Anthology” is from “Illusion”: “No one knows … where they go … as they slip into the shadows of the earth.”

That’s like saying any one mustang is my favorite. 🙂

Aspen, walking into the twilight shadows at the end of the day under the La Sals, epitomizes that line for me.

This music … every line is a favorite. If you don’t have this CD, get it. Period.



6 responses

30 04 2013
Prairie girl

Dreamy….this is now my favorite pic of yours. (Well, this week, anyway) 😉
I will hunt down that CD.

30 04 2013
Puller Lanigan

Yes, thank you for the recommendation for music. I have not listened to it, but will also seek it out.

30 04 2013

wonderful CD. The songs truly speak from the heart

30 04 2013
Cindy Loos

Hi T.J. Cindy Loos here of Opus Moon……..A little bird told me you mentioned our music on your blog, so of course, I had to check it out! Thanks for such lovely comments! so glad you have connected with the songs… has been such a fun project, and what better subject matter could there be other than wild horses! You truly are a wonderful person for all you do for the wild horses! I would love to visit Spring Creek someday…we’re not that far away!……your horses are beautiful and one can’t help but fall in love with all of them!

30 04 2013

Cindy, thank YOU for putting that connection we feel for our wild horses into such eloquent music. Please do let me know when y’all visit Spring Creek Basin; I’ll give you the grand tour! Love your music!

13 05 2013
Pat Amthor

The picture just breaths calm, quiet, peace. My favorite time of transition: day to night. Thanks.

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