Going … going …

15 03 2013

Juniper naps on a warm spring day.

Juniper was a sleepy girl …

Juniper succumbs to a lovely, warm spring day.

… on a lovely, warm spring day …

Juniper succumbs to a lovely, warm spring day.

… and she’s gone. 🙂


Juni down for the count with sister Madison and mama Kestrel. Daddy Comanche was behind them to the right.

What a lovely day. And there’s a blush of green across the hills. As dry as it is, that’s nice to see.



4 responses

15 03 2013
Prairie girl

Juni napping in the sun, carefree and sweet as can be.

15 03 2013
Puller Lanigan

Too cute!!! I want to be there too.

15 03 2013
Darlene Hyslope

How sweet she is…..I sometimes know how she feels!!!!  Thanks for all the wonderful photos u take…I envy the beauty u see every day…the everday posts u send makes my day a little brighter!!!!  Thanks again!!!


15 03 2013

Oh, the wild life of wild horses! 🙂

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