(Step) daddy-daughter time

30 06 2012

Sundance and Mysterium

What a good stepdaddy he is. 🙂



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1 07 2012

TJ, do you think so many of these stallions are accepting of other stallions babies as a means of diversity within the herd? I was frankly surprised that some mares sneak off to have a rendevouz with another stud and return to their stallion and have the baby. Why does this work with horses and not, say with lions or leopards?

1 07 2012

I think it is a total myth that “stallions will kill any foal that is not theirs.” I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that – convinced that it is absolute fact – but I have never seen it happen with healthy foals. I believe the myth started with a sickly foal. I’ve seen mares go off to have their foals alone, but I don’t have personal experience finding them with another stallion while they’re in heat then them going back to their stallion. That sounds pretty human-centric. From what I’ve seen, it is simple animal biology, and the urge to procreate and then protect the offspring is the simple driving force.

1 07 2012
Julie Onshus

Love this pic!! TJ just so you know I look on here 2 times a day for updates I just love this site and it has been helping me through an awful time in my life. I just recently lost my husband to a massive heart attack on June 10th. It has been very hard to deal with so keep posting all these beautiful pics and updates they help me get through my day!! Luv Ya

1 07 2012

Oh, Julie. I am so very sorry. What a devastating loss, so much worse for being unexpected. I hope you have a circle of support from family and friends. Count us among those. My sincerest sympathies. I am glad you find comfort in our mustangs of Spring Creek Basin. I hope their magic reaches you with all healing power.

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