10 04 2012

Chrome in the golden light of early morning.

Hayden and Terra – half-siblings. Daddy: Grey/Traveler.

Chrome was highlighted so gorgeously against the far hills, just-gilded with first light.

Alert Winona, watching something in the distance that I couldn’t see.

Gorgeous stallion, perfect backdrop … and he paused in his grazing only to amble to the next tasty tidbit.

Still gorgeous. Still perfect.  🙂



One response

16 04 2012
Zacharias Larson

Another very nice post; I glad to see it. The picture of Hayden and Terra is really pretty. There are certain horses that it is alwalys nice to see.

We do not have internet it the house anymore, so that means I will probaby be following your blog at a long distance; but even then I am enjoying ever post. Keep up the good work.

I often walk by where the calendar you sent me is hangng on the wall and just stop to enjoy the picture.

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