The Mona story

5 11 2011

Well, Mona. I’m fairly sure she’s not pregnant anymore – at least not about-to-foal pregnant. She’s sure healthy, and she waddles like a pregnant lady, but there’s no change in udder in the last three weeks. Given her good shape, and the fact that her due date was almost two months ago now, I don’t even know when she lost the foal – did she have it at some point? And before you jump on the bandwagon that the roundup caused her to abort (as some have already done), please remember that her band was NOT targeted, at our request, because of her pregnant status (or the fact that I thought she was).

They’re all still with Aspen. Seven was alone – not too far, really, as the mustang walks – napping in the sunshine when I saw him.

Roja, left, Killian and Shane

She grazed nearby for a bit, then decided she wanted to be with the others down the hill. I think it’s safe to say now that she’s just in really good shape! She got pretty thin nursing Shane last winter, so it’s not a bad thing …

Killian (his brother Ze is doing SO well!)

My absolute new favorite pic of Roja. 🙂



3 responses

5 11 2011
Linda Horn

From what I’ve read, there are a number of reasons mares can appear pregnant based on a visual, but not be “in the family way” at all. Personally, I think Mona has a case of the “chubs”. Maybe storing up fat for the winter? And she may prefer grazing to exercise. In the head-on shot of Roja she looks a bit chubby as well. Must have been good forage in the Basin throughout the warmer months.

5 11 2011
Julie Onshus

Like I mentioned before I also think she was just fat. Went and looked at pics all the way back to Sept. and she has not changed in the belly. My guess is a foal in spring if she is bred.

5 11 2011

I was also thinking whatever happened probably happened before the roundup. But no way of telling when she lost the foal … will be interesting to see when she has her next one.

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