Skipper update

4 11 2011

Sounds like Amy and Keith are doing very well with Skipper (Milagro)!

In Amy’s words: “We’re making progress with Skipper. This last weekend, we were able to get a neck rope on Skipper and lead him without food. I also got a halter on him but haven’t led him in the halter yet. Yesterday, Keith was able to get a halter on him without food so that was a big step. Skipper still is not the friendliest horse, but I think he enjoys being worked with.”

Skipper and Amy – first time with the halter on, she says!

With the halter on and the rope over his back.

Keith getting Skipper used to things in his mouth.

Keith leading Skipper.

Amy and Skipper

A man and his mustang – love this. 🙂

Update to the update: “Skipper’s kind of a funny horse in that he isn’t super interested in us, he’s very independent. He’s not bothered by loud sounds or having the tractor driven into the building where we’ve made a stall for him at the back of it, even when he’s standing in his stall. Since I sent you those pictures, Keith worked with him yesterday, putting a rope over his back and pulling it off of him. He was a little skittery the first couple of times, and by the third time, he was more at ease.”

Love the pix and the updates! It all happens differently with the different horses and adopters, and I just love watching it all unfold. Thank you, Amy and Keith, for this glimpse into your journey with Skipper! 🙂



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