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20 09 2010

No one’s curious about Mona and Shane and their new band? No one at all?

Good – because this post is not about them. 🙂 It’s about the wonderful little family of spots and solids and very black-dark turning grizzled grey: The pintos.

Minutes before sunrise, looking toward the unnamed promontory (left) and Brumley Point (right); the pintos are grazing on the hill behind me.

Mama Chipeta and Puzzle

Band stallion Copper and 2-year-old Spook

Mama Kiowa and baby Maiku

Isn’t she adorable?

I’m not often confident enough to pan with a slower-than-normal shutter speed, even though I love the effect. In the shade of pre-sunrise, the ponies gave me a good opportunity: Maiku and Spook and Chipeta ran a short way down this little finger of a hill when Mesa popped up behind them.

I watched the rising sun light the hills to the west in a slow creep … then the valley below … but when it hit our hill, it seemed like it was all at once – wow!

Milagro – and yes, I think that’s a prickly pear spine in his little face. He looks so much like daddy Copper.

Milagro is Maiku’s yearling big brother (probably full). Spook, pictured here with Maiku, is his 2-year-old big half-sister.

Big girl loves the little brother.

Maiku had been napping in the sunshine while mama and his sisters grazed around him. Here he’s stretching as Puzzle walks past, following mama.

She’s a little too little yet to interact much with him, but I’m sure they’ll become great pals, these (likely) half-siblings.

Once upon a time, in the wilds of Spring Creek Basin, Colorado, there lived a beautiful spotted princess and her mother and daddy and extended family.

She was strong and beautiful and well-adapted to her hilly home.

Her mama knew the importance of feeding the princess well to build strong bones and muscles so she could run with the wind in her curly little mane on strong little legs and flinty little hooves.

Mama also made sure there was plenty of time for baby to nap in the lovely warm sunshine.

The little princess knew the value of appearing graceful and poised at all times.

She knew she was so well cared for she could sleep safely in the presence of her mama, a princess in her own right, and the queen and her brother, and that all would be well when she awakened.

So the little princess slept soundly on her bed of grass and earth on the hill near the top of her beautiful world.

And when she had awakened and stretched and turned for mama, there she was, watchful and protective and waiting for her daughter, the littlest princess of Spring Creek Basin!

Not the end. 🙂 Some more:

Baby girl nursing surrounded by family: Kiowa and Maiku at left, Spook and Copper right of Chipeta and Puzzle, and Milagro at bottom right.

Ty and Copper – do you see the little sunflowers in front of Ty?



Kiowa and Maiku grazing while Puzzle naps.

Puzzle and Chipeta, Maiku and Spook

Family: Left to right: 2-year-old daughter of Kiowa, Spook; band stallion Copper, sire (likely) of Milagro and Maiku and Puzzle; Maiku, baby son of Kiowa; Kiowa, dam of Reya, Spook, Milagro and Maiku; Reya, 3-year-old daughter of Kiowa; and Milagro, yearling son of Kiowa and Copper, in the background. Milo’s ears are up, but he’s half-asleep, but how’s that for getting six pairs of ears up at the same time!

The gang’s all there. Mesa at lower left. Chipeta and Puzzle, then Corazon, then Spook, Copper (you can just see his face), Maiku now lying down, Kiowa, Reya and Ty, and Milo in the back. This was their after-sunrise nap, and they enjoyed that wonderful sunshine as I bid them another “thank you” and farewell – only until next time!



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21 09 2010

Oh wow! I love this band! I love how Puzzle does look like a princess, and how white her white parts are against her mothers’. Her markings are gorgeous, and Maiku’s are still adorable too. I find it amazing how much bigger Maiky is then Puzzle, and how big all the other foals are getting. They grow fast! Gemma and Gideon and Kestrel had me shocked at how big they are.

I am curious about Mona and Shane.

21 09 2010

ok i give up it must be duke

21 09 2010

Maiku is almost 3 months old, and Puzzle is 2 weeks old. They DO grow fast!

I’ll try to get at least a couple more pix up of Mona and Shane and their new band before I go back to the basin this week …

Not Duke … but an excellent guess! In fact, we joked, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if Duke came along and scooped up Mona and her baby like he did last year with Raven and Corona?” So it was my guess before I found her. 🙂

21 09 2010

Is it Hollywood and his band? Or however is with Cuatro? (I can’t believe I forgot!)

21 09 2010

Nope, not Hollywood – although we shared a meadow that day (with Mona and Shane and her new band) for naps and lunch! Cuatro is with Twister, and no, she’s not with those little boys. 🙂 I’ll post some pix when I get home later, and the mystery will be solved!

28 09 2010
Pat Amthor

Once again, I just marvel at the beauty of these horses in the wild. Your pics and knowledge is so fabulous. I love it.

28 09 2010

Me, too … always …! 🙂

10 07 2011

Colorful. Just like the beauty around them.

10 07 2011

Hey, Elden! I was thinking about you this week in the basin. Hope you’re doing well! Most of the ponds are dry, and that trickle we looked at is drawing horses.

Do you know anything about these: http://www.blm.gov/mt/st/en/info/newsroom/steward/08spring/axololt.print.html

I found this link through a comment on a blog written by a woman in Montana, but a friend and I were watching some “critters” in the east-pocket pond that we couldn’t identify … and never saw more than a glimpse of … but looked a bit like these – we thought they were huge tadpoles. Could we have these here? That pond is completely dry now.

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