Summer solstice

22 06 2013

Grey's band near sunset on the summer solstice, Spring Creek Basin.

Grey/Traveler’s band at the end of the longest day in Spring Creek Basin.

Golden Grey

3 07 2012

Another one from solstice morning:

Grey/Traveler was grazing nearby as the sun came up and illuminated the world. At this time, too, he caught site of Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands not too far away across a big arroyo. I took advantage of his attention elsewhere.

Beautiful boy on a beautiful morning.

Solstice morning

22 06 2012

Wild girls Alegre and Maia, Mariah and Houdini at sunrise, solstice morning.

Mariah is very clearly shedding her red baby coat and revealing her true grey. Hard to tell yet with Maia, but her little muzzle has a hint of brown to it.