22 01 2013

Grey, Mariah and Houdini

Grey/Traveler did his best to bring the girls to me, but wise Houdini wasn’t having any of it. Can you see Mariah’s face greying?

White snow, grey ponies

14 01 2013

A day full of snow would leave a basin full of snow, you’d think – and you’d be right! Such interesting climate zones in Disappointment Valley. Some snow in the lower, broader valley; lots of snow higher as the valley narrows to the east-southeast. It all means moisture for the horses and deer and elk and coyotes and bobcats and other critters that call the valley home.

Someone told me the other day that he saw “a big tom” (bobcat) on a newborn calf – bovine, not wapiti. I’m not sure what surprised me most: a calf born at this time of year (or that the cow still is here) or a bobcat! I’ve seen one in the basin, way too quick for photos, after a rabbit. I’m not sure about the rabbit, but the bobcat got away (from me)!

Mariah, Houdini, Alegre, Maia

Mariah, Houdini, Alegre and Maia.


Grey/Traveler. He could do with a little more fat on his old bones, but he looks pretty hearty.

The temperature ranged from 12 to 17 degrees, according to the Jeep, while I was in the basin. After snowing all day, it stopped for an hour or two, then picked up again around sunset.

Yes, they’re all grey. 🙂

Just cuz …

4 10 2012

… he’s beautiful.

Mustang poster boy. 🙂

Always golden

6 09 2012

He still makes my heart melt.

Always gorgeous!

Our handsome Grey/Traveler continues to hold the largest band in the basin. Is it any wonder?


23 07 2012

It was inevitable, with three bands coming into fairly close proximity, that the boys would have disputes of territory that led to discussions.

Yes, they reared and pawed the air, but I like this better, Grey’s mane rising in the wind and with the motion of his trot as he followed Hollywood past Hollywood’s band, intent on … whatever stallion-talk he had to impart.

Still supreme. The “old man’s” still got it!

Can’t resist

11 07 2012

And really, who can?

The big man himself: Grey/Traveler.

Two of his girls – Alegre and Houdini – and this year’s daughter, Mariah.

And new mama Gaia and baby Cassidy Rain.

Just because they’re all beautiful and I love them so. 🙂

Meet ‘n greet

7 07 2012

Grey/Traveler greeting stepdaughter Aurora.

The band was grazing near Wildcat Spring tonight (this photo is from July 4). The trickle is doing really well, with water filling the little pool, then trickling on down, enabling the horses to drink at multiple places. Not a lot, but more than previously. And with this rain now … ! Hopefully this is the start of our monsoon weather pattern!

Black and white …

5 07 2012

Alegre and Maia at the end of the day.

… and a little pink:

Grey/Traveler just before the end of the day.

Wow. Clouds. I still can’t get over the novelty.

Golden Grey

3 07 2012

Another one from solstice morning:

Grey/Traveler was grazing nearby as the sun came up and illuminated the world. At this time, too, he caught site of Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands not too far away across a big arroyo. I took advantage of his attention elsewhere.

Beautiful boy on a beautiful morning.

All the grey horses

11 05 2012

Mariah is still wearing her baby-red, but she’s grey – or will be! Just like mama Houdini and daddy Grey/Traveler.

Sundance’s band had just come over a rise, and the ponies were investigating. Interestingly, they don’t always run AWAY from things.

Raven was still HUGE the last time I saw her. So, so, so, SO close!