Boreas … and a chill

5 06 2011

Some pix of Chrome’s band from a week ago …

Chrome’s band was so calm when I originally parked and walked out to them that Rio laid down.

He looks like such a *pony* now with his still-fuzzy coat and thick mane and forelock …

Handsome Chrome surveying his domain while his family grazes and naps.

Pretty Two Boots and big-boy Boreas

Striking little mister, isn’t he?

Showing off his mustang walk …

Snack break …

Tending an itch …

Prince’s plume  and globe mallow are plentiful this year. The paintbrush isn’t quite as plentiful as years past.

Pretty in a desert …

Hayden and Rio, playing as brothers will. Rio is a yearling, and Hayden will be 2 in September. They may be half-brothers … or maybe not?!

And then things changed …

The horses started looking at something …

Something I didn’t see until a flash of white a long way away caught my eye – a truck.

And then they were running, and the truck wasn’t even close.

After I sadly watched them go, I had time to walk back to the Jeep and drive down the road a bit and walk down to the troughs at the water catchment before the truck crested the rise. The horses ran, the truck followed. It stopped a couple of times, but the horses kept running. Other visitors, coming in, saw only the horses running, the truck behind them, before the horses were gone, all hopes of their enjoyment of that band gone.

That kind of thing makes me sad and angry. Respectful visits not only benefit individuals at the time but all those who come later …



2 responses

5 06 2011
Linda Horn

More beautiful horses, and something that obviously frightened them. I bet this isn’t the first time they’ve been chased by that white truck. Animals know the difference between vehicles, especially the engine noise. My dogs were all yips and wagging tails when anyone in the family got close to the driveway, and all barks and growls when they heard something strange pulling in. What happened makes me sad and angry as well … and frightened about what other things such an irresponsible person might do.

BTW, there’s a big, angry cloud headed your way. I don’t smell rain, so I think it must be more smoke from Arizona.

5 06 2011

I know … 😦 If they show the slightest intention to move while I’m in the Jeep, I just stop and wait. If you can’t enjoy some peace and quiet and no need to rush out there, I don’t know where you can! I took pix of Luna’s band last week right through my window. Must be more smoke … I don’t think we have a drop of rain in the forecast. Would be nice for those folks fighting the fires to get some help from Ma Nature in the form of moisture.

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