Near to far …

2 03 2023


Miss Chipeta with the long view to Utah – a little clouded but still grand. 🙂

At least 2 inches of snow greeted sunrise yesterday morning (such as it was, with snow blowing sideways nearly all day). By the end of the day, all that white had melted again, leaving us saturated with mud – again – and reveling in the awesome moisture.



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2 03 2023
Sue E. Story

Chipeta is so cute…and her landscapes are so beautiful! What’s not to love! We had close to 6 more inches on top of our many other inches, TJ. Thankfully everything is still frozen solid so no mud. Yet. 🙂

2 03 2023

Amazing that ya’ll still have so much snow! Our 2 inches melted quickly. Then we got a dusting for this morning that melted even faster. To say it’s muddy here is like saying the ocean is wet. HA! 🙂

2 03 2023

We came home on 491 and no snow on road but the wind was so strong the car was shaking.
The horses could huddle behind a rock or bunch of trees!

2 03 2023

Glad you didn’t have bad roads! Yesterday, there was a chains-required alert for (at least) the stretch of 491 from north of Cortez to the Utah line. I saw most of a band of horses trying to shelter behind a lone juniper a couple of days ago when the wind was blowing snow horizontally. They know how to shelter!

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